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Handmade Sourdough Bagels in Bend

The Best Bagels in Bend, Oregon

– According To My Wife

5th Street Bagels Bend, Oregon Bagel Company Logo

Taking bagels from

Plain to insane

Handmade fresh every day in Bend, Oregon, 5th Street Bagels is an artisan bagel company making bagels the way they should be. With inspired flavors, we know that you’ll love our bagels from the first bite. All our bagels come from a sourdough starter that was lovingly named Alfanzo (Alfanz-dough) when it became part of the family years ago. 

Our mission is to elevate the art of sourdough baking by crafting exceptional, handcrafted bagels that delight the senses, foster community, and nourish our world. taste the passion and quality.

These are just a few of our classic and favorite bagels. We’re always experimenting with new concoctions, so stay tuned!


in Bend

Map of Northwest Crossing in Bend, Oregon showing location of The Grove where 5th Street Bagels are sold.

Sebastian's Seafood

Northwest Crossing, Bend

Map of Downtown in Bend, Oregon showing location of The Grove where 5th Street Bagels are sold.

Bodega Market

Downtown Bend

Austin Mercantile

SouthWest Bend

Locavore Market

Orchard District, Bend

Finding a knead in dough

Our Story

5th Street Bagels was started out of a love of serving (and feeding) others. What started out as a passion project to fulfill a culinary curiosity and share with his family, Jacob quickly got the attention of  his co-workers with his unique and tasty bagels. After receiving encouragement and guidance from a boss turned close friend, Jacob refined his process and 5th Street Bagels was born.

In the summer mornings you may spot him on his red scooter, that rocks the 5th Street Bagels logo, heading downtown to start another batch of the product he loves to make. When asked about what excites him most about 5th Street bagels he said, “the ability to always be experimenting with new flavors and being able to serve the community I live and grew up in”.

Jake of 5th Street Bagels

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